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The mission of the Institute for Technology and Medical Systems (ITEMS), a joint Keck-Viterbi initiative, is to enhance and enable neuroengineering efforts at USC, pursuing major technological and scientific breakthroughs in support of neuroprosthetics, such as implantable electronic systems, multiscale neuromodeling and implantable system modeling, and high-efficiency application-specific wireless power and data telemetry.

Our core and affiliated faculty, postdoctoral associates, and students span multiple disciplines, bridging engineering and medicine to bring about fundamental advances in the general fields of bioengineering, electronic systems, and neuroscience.

We hope that you will find this website useful. In it, you will find description of our research projects, downloadables, profiles of our team members, news, and publications. Please, feel free to contact us if we can assist in any ways.

Meet our faculty.

Institute for Technology and Medical Systems Innovation University of Southern California

USC Healthcare Center 4 (HC4)
1450 San Pablo St, Los Angeles, CA 90033


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