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Multiscale Modeling of Neural Systems

Our group has developed a modular computational framework for multiscale modeling of neural systms that integrates in space and time: (1)an admittance/impedance (AM/IM) multiresolution method capable of predicting currents induced in microscale models of nerves due to neurostimulators of arbitrary geometry with (2) a neural simulation environment (NEURON) capable of predicting nerve excitation.  

This integration is achieved by coupling high-resolution electromagnetic field solutions from our in-house AM/IM solver with neuronal anatomy and biophysics models implemented in NEURON. Furthermore, this AM/IM/NEURON platform utilizes advanced parallel processing and shared memory techniques to optimize computation times and data transfer rates between the two solvers. 

Leveraging this platform, our group is undertaking research ranging from fundamental neuroscience to applied systems development with the common thread of linking AM/IM/NEURON computational modeling with experimental data to analyze signaling pathways, test hypotheses, and to develop, validate, and certify neuroprosthethic designs.

Institute for Technology and Medical Systems Innovation University of Southern California

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